'The Music Lesson' MP3 Audio Book

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You’ve read it! * You’ve enjoyed it! * But have you HEARD it?

Check out the award winning The Music Lesson audio book by Victor L.
Wooten. A finalist in the Audie Awards (the audio book equivalent to a
GRAMMY Award,) The Music Lesson is read by Victor Wooten and many of
the people who inspired the characters.

Hear the voices of:
Victor as the narrator
Michael Kott as “Michael”
Chuck Rainey as “Uncle Clyde”
Sam Hunter as “Sam”
J.D. Blair as “The Drummer”
Dorothy Wooten (Victor’s mother) as “Music”
and others

The Music Lesson audio book is beautifully scored by Victor with
special guests Béla Fleck, Howard Levy, Regi, Roy, & Joseph Wooten,
Steve Bailey, Eric Struthers, Federico Peña, and Muriel Anderson.

This is the perfect way to experience the book that has been helping
people, musicians, schools and universities worldwide. Make yourself
and your friends happy these holidays. The Music Lesson audio book.
Get your copies now. Here’s how.

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